About Hunt + Hart | Cafe + Bakery

Formerly known as The River Café & Bakery:

A little explanation is probably in order. Through unforeseen circumstances, we recently had to change our name from The River Café & Bakery to:HUNT_HART_300x300Another restaurant in New York owns the trademark for the name The River Café and we were asked to change our name or risk a trademark infringement lawsuit.

Being the law abiding citizens that we are we decided to go ahead and change the café name. To that end we wanted to choose a name that has special meaning to us. The name is a combination of the town we now call home (Huntington)  and the town in England, (Hartlepool) where we are from originally; the new and the old so to speak.

Alison Garcia and Helen Crosby-Garcia the owners of the newly named restaurant will continue to operate with the same attention to detail, the same great food and the same great service. Our pastry chef, Rosalie Garcia plans to create seasonal unique pastries and tempting sweet treats for everyone to share.  

Our cafe will continue to be a place for people to come together and enjoy things we all have in common: a desire for good food, good coffee, and good company. We hope you will stop by to share a drink, a bite to eat, or even to simply say hello and become part of our growing community. The cafe is well known for its unique horseshoe shaped bar where locals and strangers alike can chat and get to know each other over the popular “bottomless” cups of coffee.

Good service will always be very important to us and we want you all to feel welcome when you step through ours doors. We will make sure that you are served quickly and with care.

Come on in and join us.

Opened March 2016
Re-named August 2018